Pilates Certification

Trying to decide what career choice you want to do in life can be difficult and a hard decision for many of us to make. I remember wanting to become an accountant when I was in high school – but quickly opted out of that idea when I realized how much math I would be doing and how long it would take to become one.

There are some jobs that do not require years of instructions and schooling. If you want a job that is easy to get into and that allows you to help others than you should consider getting your Pilates certification.

What Is Pilates

Pilates is a physical fitness program that was created by Joseph Pilates from Germany during the 20th century. In 2005 there was a recorded amount of 11 million people who practiced this exercise and more than 14,000 instructors in the United States who taught it.

Joseph Pilates believed that his type of exercise program was a method that used Contrology or control. He believed that in order to use this method you had to use your mind to control the muscles in your body. It focuses on working out the core postural muscles that help to keep the body balanced and bringing support to the spine.

Many of the exercises that are used during Pilates focus on working out all of the muscles that are in your body to a higher degree than normal exercises. A great many people will use it to help them to lose weight and to tone up their bodies.


In order to teach people how to do Pilates and to earn a living at it you must first understand what is needed to become certified. During this time of certification you will learn the various methods used and the benefits Pilates brings to each person.