Comprehensive Pilates Certification

In order to become a full time Pilates instructor and to be able to teach students in both beginner and expert classes you must have a comprehensive Pilates certification. This is a full certification on both the exercises and the Pilates equipment. It is more difficult than mat certification and gives you a wider range of work out plans to teach people.

People who are wishing to become fully certified must have at least a whole year of Pilates study and some private lessons. It is necessary and required that you have your mats certification.

During this level of training the student will study the basics of anatomy and physiology and also the history behind the origins of Pilates and how it benefits people. Each exercise must be memorized and studied in depth and the student must have a general knowledge of how the Pilates equipment works and what areas of the body it works out.

The Pilates comprehensive certification is evolving with time as more and more people are choosing to use this as their main work out. There are many programs that will split the certification into various levels depending on what you would like to teach people. Each level will have its own specific program that could be dependent on the type of equipment you prefer to use or if you don’t wish to use any at all.

The comprehensive Pilates certification usually takes more than a year to study and to pass all of the tests. During the program you will be required to spend a few hours every week in the studio as an apprentice teacher. Most programs will require 900 hours during the whole year. To be certified you will need to pay around $3,000 or more.

These programs can be taken at various Pilates schools or companies. At this time there is no standardized exam for potential instructors to take before they can become certified. However, many people are pushing for this as more and more people are choosing to use this work out to lose weight and get in shape. This will prevent just anyone from trying to teach them.