Pilates Mat Certification

There are different forms of Pilates instructors. One of the more simplest and the easiest is mat certification. This type of instruction is given to a Pilates student who has shown the teacher how well they are able to perform the exercises. If they have the desire to teach a class or two their trainer will have them take a teacher training class.

The Pilates mat certification will cover all of the necessary basic mat exercises and any methods that are used to modify them. These modifications are used for people who have a difficult time trying to perform the original exercise.

By doing the modification they will be working out their body in the same way – but not to the point where they might be stressing muscles to the point of injury. Over time these modifications will not be necessary and the person will be able to do the original exercise. This is after they have conditioned their muscles and body.

Near the end of the mat certification the student will be required to take an instructor exam to show what they have learned. During the examination they will be required to set up a ‘class’ to demonstrate that they know what type of exercises to use, how to perform them perfectly, and to involve everyone in the class. They will also be required to take a written test.

The most basic mat certification is offered during one or two weekends and will cost anywhere between $100 to $300. This test is not standardized. If you truly wish to become a Pilates mat instructor than make sure you learn from a reliable certifying body and that it will meet your standards.

Before becoming a mat instructor we recommend that you be taking Pilates for six months to a year. This will help you to condition your body and prepare you for the workouts that you will be teaching.